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About Us

We have been installing and repairing roofs in the surrounding areas of Waukesha County, Wisconsin.  We are the best local roofing company working in Wisconsin for many years.  We have established a good client base along with repeatable name.  Our business is something we take pride in knowing that each customer is safe with our roofing services when you hire us to do your roof.

Avoid hiring a contractor that has only been in business for a few months, as it is difficult to determine if a new roofing contractor has the skills and experience necessary to replace your roof properly.

Our years of experience gives us the ability to tackle any job. Anything from Roof repair to installing a brand new roof, you can trust us to get it done in a timely manner.

We know your time is valuable so we give are clients an estimated time frame and do our best to reach that.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured in the State of Wisconsin. A good roofing contractor will work with you to find a roofing solution that fits your needs and budget.